Men's Garden Club of Pittsburgh

Membership Application

Either New* or Re-new for 2011

Please print out the form below, fill in the lines and mail to MGC treasurer

Along with your check for $30.00*

Guarantee a continuation of your MGC newsletter

 * All lines are required information!

                              (please print) * First Name___________________________

* Last Name___________________________

* Address____________________________

* City ____________________* State ______

* County_________________ * Zip ________

* E-Mail _____________________________

* Phone (______) _____________________

* Besides gardening what other interests do you have?




Use the reverse side to list more interests. 

Yearly Membership Fee $30.00  January 1st, to December 31st

Make check out to : MGC

Amount enclosed ____________________

Send to:

MGC Treasurer

C. Allan Larson

One  Wexford Lane

Pittsburgh, PA 15235

*New members first annual dues will be pro rated by quarters: new members joining in January, February or March will pay 100% of the required yearly dues; those joining in April, May or June will pay 75% of the required yearly dues; those joining in July, August or September will pay 50% of the required yearly dues; those joining in October, November or December will pay 25% of the required yearly dues. The required dues will be payable in full and submitted  with the new memberís application for membership.  Future annual dues will be payable on the first day of each fiscal year.

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