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This is an interesting catalog. But whether or not you are interested in
the catalog, the seed starting timetable is helpful.

From: Kitchen Garden Seeds
[mailto: ]   

John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds
The "Gentlepersons, Start Your Seeds" Timetable
Thank you for having signed up for horticultural emails from Van  Engelen
and John 

Below you will find a list of indoor seed starting dates by USDA
horticultural zone as well as a listing of vegetables and fruit that should
be started indoors and by what week prior to the last frost date. But first,
decide what you would like to grow in your garden. What vegetables  , herbs  and
would make your heart sing? What could you grow to help inspire your
children to garden with you? We all yearn for the taste of a real tomato  , the
moment the culinary Italian inside each of us is ignited by aromatic,
freshly plucked basil  leaves,
a basket of meaty plum  tomatoes
and precious little orbs of glistening midnight-purple eggplants  . And who
among us doesn't dream of the first day that our gardens are lusciously full
with just open flowers  ,
inviting songbirds  ,
butterflies  ,
hummingbirds  and
hovering over for a sip of nectar before lush stems are cut for romantic

From a practical perspective, the best tip we can give you is to think about
your order in two parts. The first, most timely part, is to be clear about
which varieties you need to start indoors now for transplant into the garden
later. The second part is your list of varieties that can be direct sown
into the garden once the ground can be worked in the spring after the threat
of frost has passed. Check out all of our horticultural tips at 
(particularly Barbara Damrosch's tips: The  Do's and
Don'ts of Seed Starting).

General Seed Starting Timetable: Eight weeks prior to last frost date

Horticultural Zones 9 & 10: Start seeds indoors now.

Horticultural Zones 8: Start seeds indoors in early February.

Horticultural Zones 7: Start seeds indoors in mid February.

Horticultural Zone 6: Start seeds indoors in late February.

Horticultural Zone 5: Start seeds indoors in early March.

Horticultural Zone 1-4: Start seeds indoors in mid to late March.

Vegetable/Herb Seed Starting Timetable (Listed in weeks before the last

Four Weeks: Melons  , Bitter  Melon and
Edible Gourds.

Six Weeks: Asparagus  , Fennel  , Onions  , Rhubarb  , Shallots  ,
and Basil  

Eight Weeks: Eggplant  , Tomatoes  , Chiles  , Sweet  Peppers,
Chives  ,
Sage  ,
and Thyme 

Nine Weeks: Broccoli  , Cabbage  and
(transplant out four weeks before the last frost date)

Ten Weeks: Celery  , Celeriac  , Jicama  and

Eleven Weeks: Leeks  ,
and Cauliflower 
(transplant out four weeks before the last frost date)

Twelve Weeks: Cardoons  and

Sixteen Weeks: Strawberries  (for
first year crop) and Rosemary  .

Flower Seed Starting Timetable (Listed in weeks before the last frost)

Six Weeks: Cutting  Ageratum,
Asters, Celosia  , Cleome  , Coleus  , Nepeta  Catmint,
Euphorbia < 
, Forget-Me-Nots  , Dahlia  ,
, Scabiosa 
, Snapdragons  and

Eight Weeks: Milkweed
<> ,
Coreopsis <>
, Gaillardia
<> , Globe
<> Amaranth,
<> , Hibiscus
<> ,
Hollyhock <>
, Heuchera <>
, Nigella <>
, Platycodon
<> and
Statice <>

Ten Weeks: Dianthus
<> ,
Digitalis <>
, Lobelia <>
and Heliotrope

Twelve Weeks: Datura
<> , Salvia
<> and Viola

Valentine's Day is coming! Delight your gardening friends and family with a
collection of vegetable or flower seeds in a Valentine
<> 's Day
gift bag. You may select our Valentine
<> 's Day Red
Garden, The
Passionate Red Flower Garden or any of our themed garden collections
<> . Just add
a Valentine
<> 's Day
gift bag to your order (free with any collection). The Baby
<> Garden
and A <>
Child's Garden of Wonder are particularly good for children~large seed for
little hands and smaller vegetables! Or one of our Habitat
<> Gardens.

You can always order more seeds from us over the course of the summer for
late sowing and ongoing harvest of Salad
<> Greens,
Carrots <> ,
Radishes <>
and a host of other vegetables that can tolerate colder night air. Consider
some of our new varieties that are just wonderful: colorful deep Purple
<> Pakchoi,
Gourmet <>
Rainbow Radishes, Sugar
<> Pearl
Cherry Tomatoes, Multy
<> Jewel
Lettuce Mixture and Fairy
<> Winter
Squash. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
Please do not hesitate to call (860.567.6086) or email us
( if you need any help picking out
seeds for your garden. We would be happy to help you in any way possible!

-To see our seed collection click: Flowers
<> , gourmet
<> fruits &
vegetables and aromatic
<> herbs.

-To request a 2010 Kitchen Garden Seeds catalog, click: Request
<> catalog.

-To look at our yummy recipes like Shelburne
<> Farm's
Watermelon, Tomato and Feta Salad click: Recipes
<> .

-Or, call us at (860) 567-6086: we will help you in any way we can!

*In the course of requesting one of our bulb or seed catalogs, you provided
us with your email address. If you prefer to not receive any emails from us,
please know that we honor all unsubscribe requests.

John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds * 23 Tulip Drive * PO Box 638 * Bantam ,
CT 06750

Phone: (860) 567-6086 * Fax: (860) 567-5323

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