History of the

Men's Garden Club of Pittsburgh

The Men’s Garden Club of Pittsburgh is one of the largest and most active garden clubs in the tri-state area. It was founded in 1940 when Frank Curto put an ad in the Pittsburgh Press announcing his intentions of starting a men’s garden club.

Very shortly, over seventy dedicated members joined, by-laws were drawn up, and a charter in the Men’s Garden Club of America was obtained.

In 1968, under the presidency of Ted Eck, the MGC hosted the national convention of The Garden Club of America right here in Pittsburgh. The MGC dropped out of the national for a few years, but later renewed their charter again in December of 1990.

In 1994, the MGC welcomed the first lady member, Mrs. Minnie Lehman.

Over the years the club has been active in many projects, such as, planting around various public buildings and grounds. Present projects include: Expo Market to kick off each garden season, Indoor garden at West Penn Hospital, Jim Maddock’s planting at Young’s Corner in Monroeville, helping with the planting at the Pittsburgh Rowing Association Boat House, and participating in the annual Pittsburgh’s Garden Place, May Market. We are proud of our club’s heritage and take pride in it’s accomplishments.

We always have and always will continue to make Pittsburgh and the surrounding area a better place to live through gardening.


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